Going Fishin'

Going Fishin'
Red Sunset

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lucky Hat?

Old cap works!
New cap has no experience at catching 
When Marilyn and I fish for smallmouth bass on area waters, she in the habit of wearing my favorite red G. Loomis cap during our spring, summer and fall outings. For good reason. Since she started wearing it a few years back, she always outfishes me by catching either the largest smallmouth or the greater number of smallmouths. We jokingly refer to it as our bronzeback good luck cap. However in early October while she was attending a heritage conference, she picked up a colorful cap which she thought would look good in photos. On our outing this past weekend to Conneaut Lake for big fall smallies, she wore her new multi-color cap while I wore the Loomis hat.  I caught a 4-pound smallmouth at the very first spot we fished. However, by early afternoon she had not caught bass. I suggested her new cap may not be so lucky after all, and offered her G. Loomis cap. She paused for a moment, then made the switch. On her very next cast, she caught a beautiful smallmouth on a jig. The red Loomis cap was responsible for the other lunker smallie that day too. Moral of the story: you cannot "name" a new cap as a good luck hat. That title has to be earned over time!